Beth Sarno

UX Researcher 




I am a UX researcher with experience in design. Let's work together!

I enjoy focusing on the details of how people perceive their world, behave in their world, and change their world.


In my work as a User Experience Researcher & Designer I aim to clarify the important questions and problem-solve for empowerment. 


Giving Better App

Role: UX Researcher 

During the summer of 2020 our team researched, prototyped and designed an app to support giving within the community- safety and easily. The app moved away from a fundraising platform, and instead touched on novel forms of giving with friends and in the neighborhood.

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Dell Med Nutrition App

Role: UX Research and Design

Dell Medical, having been awarded a grant for a diabetes related nutrition tracking app, asked my cohort for application ideas. Focusing on motivation, simplicity and information sorting I created a prototype for a patient's tracking needs.

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